Tasting Downtown Denver’s Biggest Menu at A Taste of Colorado

With a well-deserved reputation as one of the top foodie destinations in the U.S., it’s no surprise that Denver has hosted one of the country’s most beloved free food festivals for more than 36 years. Named among USA TODAY’s top four food festivals in America, A Taste of Colorado is the biggest food festival in Denver, taking place every Labor Day weekend at the downtown Civic Center Park. Welcoming hundreds of thousands of foodies, families, and music lovers alike, this music, art, and food-focused event is a massive celebration you won’t want to miss.

Denver’s Culinary Event of the Year

Whether you’re a longtime local or just visiting the Mile High City, sampling all of the city’s top-rated restaurants and food trucks would usually require trekking across Denver and maxing out your food budget. At A Taste of Colorado, you can experience more than 50 of the best food trucks and restaurants in the state, all gathered together in the easy-to-explore festival grounds.

From full-size meals to sample-friendly “small bites,” the event’s vendors will be dishing out a mouth-watering array of foods that will have you asking for seconds all weekend long. Needless to say, you should come prepared with your appetite in tow!

Kid-Friendly Food the Whole Family Can Enjoy

There are plenty of unique culinary creations and gourmet-inspired fares to enjoy at A Taste of Colorado, but we haven’t forgotten our youngest festival goers either. Stop by the South Platte Kids Zone for an array of family-friendly activities, including a great mix of food favorites the kids will surely love. Do you have little ones with a palate that leans towards the unique or gourmet? Many of the restaurants at the festival will be serving up taste-sized servings of their more eclectic offerings, giving kids the perfect opportunity to try something new.

Upgrade to a VIP-Worthy Experience

Tickets to A Taste of Colorado are free, but you can upgrade toa VIP experiencethat features VIP-only concert viewing areas, an exclusive lounge, private bathrooms, and more. Best of all, as A Taste of Colorado VIP, you’ll score access to special sampling menus, free drink tickets, and the Capitol VIP Bars – so a fantastic and flavorful festival experience is always within easy reach.

More than Just a Foodie’s Paradise

A Taste of Colorado is considered one of Denver’s biggest food festivals, but did you know that it’s so much more than that? In addition to hosting the city’s best restaurants and food trucks, the free festival also draws crowds with live concerts from regional and national artists, spread out over multiple outdoor stages throughout the long weekend.

There’s also a massive marketplace where you can shop for handmade gifts, jewelry, home décor, and more. Between the delicious food, incredible live music, and one-of-a-kind shopping, it’s easy to see why this free Labor Day food festival is one of the highlights of the Denver event calendar.

Plan to Be at A Taste of Colorado This Denver Labor Day Weekend

It doesn’t matter if you’re a foodie fanatic or just a casual diner – A Taste of Colorado is the Labor Day event that has everyone talking. The three-day weekend will be packed with delicious food, live performances by talented musicians, and incredible shopping, giving you plenty of things to do over the holiday weekend. Plus, tickets are completely free, making it the perfect end-of-summer event for everyone in Denver.

Explore more event details and start planning your Labor Day Weekend 2019 now by exploring A Taste of Colorado’s website today.