Transient Craft Inc.

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Transient Craft Inc – Product List and Description All of our products are handmade and dyed by us in Boulder Colorado out of bamboo fabric. We design, cut, sew, & dye handmade bamboo clothing & accessories. We are creating one of a kind wearable art. Our best selling items are a multi-functional bamboo dress and a bamboo tube scarf. We strive to use sustainable, eco friendly fabrics and aim for the highest level of craftsmanship. Our products include Multi-Functional Bamboo Dress – Wear it like a dress, a skirt, or a poncho You can wear this dress three ways. Pull it up like a dress, fold the waistband down and wear like a skirt, or put it on over your head with the seams down your shoulders, (the waist will turn into a cowl neck), and wear it like a poncho. Bamboo Tube Scarf An 18 long tube of fabric that you can wear at a minimum 10 different ways. Protect your face and neck from the sun and wind. Wear it like a hat, soak it in water and wear around your neck to keep you cool in the summer, or wear it like a headband. Watch our video on our website or on youtube – Bamboo Headband 7 by 18 tube of hand dyed bamboo fabric. Great for running, yoga or just holding your hair back. Infinity Scarf A large flowing fashionable loop of fabric you can wrap around your neck several times. True to our style you can wear this scarf many different ways. -Sun Sleeves/Arm Warmers New in 2019 we are retailing eco friendly reusable bamboo straws,hand dyed bamboo socks, and sun sleeves/arm warmers.