Third Wolf Designs

CategoryClothing & Accessories

Third Wolf is a brand that sells all hand-painted clothing for men and women. All of the designs are hand drawn, all of the stencils are hand cut, and all of the designs are individually hand-painted by brush onto every single product. We do not use screens and you can feel it. Every piece of clothing is an original piece of art. No two will ever be exactly alike. The symbols and designs are all laced with meaning. They are all open for interpretation as I like to keep things open minded and objective. However, you will feel spiritual and energetic undertones interlaced through the designs and the message. We use only sustainable materials including bamboo (everyones favorite), hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. All of our clothes are sustainably and ethically made through WRAP certified workplaces. Our mission is to invoke consciousness and awareness through design and to ignite the knowing that you create your own reality here on this Earth, with an authentic touch.