The Wiley Rose

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The Wiley Rose is a collaboration between people and nature. It seeks to reconnect humans to their ecosystem. Be it a cityscape or the wilderness, Nature is beautiful and strong in every biome on this planet we live in. Everything created was found simply walking around the city or on small hikes. The great hope is that carrying, wearing, or using these beautiful babes created from Nature will give people the opportunity to look a little closer at the tiny natural wonders that exist all around. Our currently available product list includes: -Pinecone Pipes (made from Denver Pinecones) These natural wooden pipes are made from a variety of different types of pinecones all found in the greater Denver area. -Menthol Oil for aging to herbal blends or simply as an essential oil for general purpose. -Cleaning kits for wooden pipes that includes Mineral Oil and a Pine Alcohol Cleaning Solution. – Natural real flower jewelry using a patented resin preservation process . Varieties include peonies, roses, daisys and many other floors found and grown in Denver. -Incense Burners: Made from natural barman pinecones found in Denver -Ash Trays made from natural objects and preserved in resin.