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What are the Festival Dates? 

Saturday September 3rd, Sunday September 4th and Monday September 5th.

What are the Festival hours of operation? 

Saturday September 3rd - Monday, September 5th 

  •  11am - 9:00pm

How much are food and beverage tickets? 
The 2022 festival is not using Food and beverage tickets. 


Where are the bars located? 

5 bars are located throughout the event site on Bannock St, 14th St, Broadway and inside Civic Center Park.

What type of food will be at the festival? 
The festival will feature over 30 and regional restaurants and food vendors. Please visit the food section of the festival web site for the full list of vendors. 


Can I bring in a backpack? 
Bags and backpacks are allowed. Please note all attendees and bags are subject to search and wanding by security staff. 


Can I bring a baby stroller? 
Yes strollers are allowed. Please note all attendees, bags, and strollers are subject to search and wanding by security staff. 


Do you have a carnival? 

We do not have a carnival at the festival. We have added many other new-featured attractions that are free to participate in. Please visit the play section of the festival web site for more information. 


Will the festival be open if it rains? 
Yes, the Festival will be open rain or shine. 


Can we bring dogs/animals? 
Dogs and pets are not allowed at the Festival. 

Will cash be accepted onsite?

No, this is a cashless festival, so bring your credit card to purchase food and drinks


If I have a concealed Carry Permit can I bring in a firearm? 
Absolutely no weapons are allowed inside the Festival. NO EXCEPTIONS. All attendees will enter through secured metal detectors before entering the festival site.


Where should I park? 
There are many public parking lots and garages located around the Festival. Take a look at the festival map to find parking suggestions. We encourage you to find alternative modes of transportation.   


Where can we find handicap accessible parking? 
There are many public parking lots and garages located around the Festival which have handicap parking. 


What is your admission policy? 
Admission to the Festival is free, including the concerts.  


Do you have lost and found? 
Yes, the lost and found is located in McNichols Building which is located on Colfax Street between Bannock and Broadway.


Do you have a mailing list? 
Yes, please signup for our e-newsletter at 
Also, follow us on social media to get updates. 

  • Facebook/ATasteofCO 

  • Twitter/ATasteofCO 

  • lnstagram/ATasteofCO 


Can I bring a folding chair? 
Chairs of any kind are not allowed into the festival. 


Can I bring baby food or snacks? What if my child has a food allergy? 
Baby formula, baby bottles, or young child’s sippy cups are allowed. 


Who is performing? How long do they play? 
The Festival features 5 stages. A full list of performances will be available on our website 

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